What are Green Roofing Solutions?

The modern technology and advances in home building techniques and materials have introduced several new roofing technique called green roofing. Homeowners are now shifting towards green roofing as an alternative to regular roofing. The question that comes to the mind of many is, what is green roofing and why should you employ this solution?

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It is all about employing environment friendly techniques for installing a roof at the top of the building. The roof will be covered with vegetation or other green plants. It is not just all covered with plants, there are layers in between for irrigation, drainage, and root barrier purposes. Many homeowners are curious to learn more about this roofing for their homes. This type of roofing can be great for both commercial and residential locations. Let’s move on to the benefits of this green solution:green roofing solutions, green roofing contractor miami fl

Aesthetic improvements
The modern green solutions for roofing can beautify the house. Any improvements in the aesthetics can contribute in increasing the value of your property.

Storm water
Green roofs can offer protection against storm water. During heavy rains or water storms, the water runoff from the roof can make the drains overflow. A green roof can retain the rainwater, it can feed the plants and some of the water can also be returned to the atmosphere through evaporation. These roofs are not just capable of retaining rainwater, they can also moderate the water temperature and act as natural filter for the water that can runoff.

Air quality
Not many people know that green roofs can improve the quality of air in the city. They can feature the living plants better than traditional roofing. The plant don’t let the dust particles enter the air when they absorb carbon dioxide to convert it into oxygen. Improved quality of air can reduce the need for the health care services too.

Energy efficiency
The green roofing solutions are most efficient in saving energy than those traditional roofs. They can improve the insulation of the house in winter as well as summer. When energy conversion is reduced, the emission of greenhouse gases is also reduced.

Protection of the wildlife
The green roof can provide a new habitat for the birds, insects and other species. When the cities grow, the birds lose natural habitats. Green roofs can replace the habitats of these species and hence improve biodiversity.

Green roofs are capable of offering better durability. They come with a waterproof membrane and this membrane is capable of offering better UV protection and temperature resistance. They can typically last longer than the traditional roofs. Homeowners will not have to worry about cost related to repairs and replacements.

The green roofs are best for the environment and they are best for the homeowners too. They can last longer, you don’t have to worry about additional expenditures and the aesthetics of your house are also improved. With so many benefits, why won’t anyone choose these roofing solutions instead of the traditional ones? You will make a great investment for your home.