Silicone Roofing Contractors Fort Lauderdale

Silicone Roofing Contractors Fort Lauderdale

Commercial roofing is a job that requires the expertise of Fort Lauderdale’s best roofing contractors. There are many options for roofing today. White roofing systems can offer management companies and building managers incredible benefits and even save money. If you are searching for the best Silicone Roofing Contractors in Fort Lauderdale you are in luck! Polo International […]

Silicone Roofing Fort Lauderdale

Silicone Roofing Fort Lauderdale

Silicone membranes can also be used to protect flat roofs that are at risk of falling or are in dire need of replacement. A silicone membrane can be applied to these roofs and provide protection and support for a roof with a similar lifespan. It is half the price of replacing a whole roof. Silicone roofing […]

Silicone Roofing Installed

Silicone Roofing Installed

Silicone Roofing Installed – Polo Polo International is proud to be the nation’s number one dealer and installer of silicone Single Ply roofing, with over 50,000,000 SqFt  of Silicone Roofing Installed! The compound we use and process are collectively together referred to as Silicone single-ply roofing or SSP for short. No other roofing company using […]

Best Roofing Products

Best roofing Products

Best Roofing Products To keep your roof protected, trust only the best roofing products such as SPF and SSP roofing agents provided only by Polo International. We have installed well over 50 million square feet of our commercial roofing compounds nationwide, and continue to grow every single day! Though we are based out of South […]

Best Silicone Roof Company

Roofing Contractors Ft Lauderdale

You will need to repair your roof if you have a business or plan on opening one. The services offered by the best Silicone Roof Company like Polo International include a range of roof repairs. While some services may be immediate and only focus on your property’s appearance, others can provide more long-term value. Roof repairs can […]

South Florida Roofing Contractor

Silicone Roof Coating Residential; Commercial Roofer

South Florida Roofing Contractor – Polo! When looking for a South Florida Roofing Contractor you’ll find they use a number of different materials that are far less effective than Silicone. They are less effective because of limits caused by their makeup- which most are a water solvent. This means that they need to be installed […]

Protect Your Roof with Polo Int!

Protect Your Roof

Protect Your Roof with Polo Int! It’s a new year and it’s time to look into the best way to Protect Your Roof with Polo International! There are so many options out there, and so many competing roofing contractors today! With that in mind, how would you know who the best roofing contractor is, or […]

Silicone Roof Coating Cost

Roof Protected

Everyone knows what the Florida sun can do to your skin. Consider that same sun beaming down on your business’s skin, otherwise known as a roof, all day, every day! You have a choice because now, you can continue allowing your roof to go untreated, getting blasted by 100° plus temperatures or you can do […]

Steven Chu Pushes White Roofs In Fight Against Climate Change


Since being appointed as the Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu has been talking all about the benefits of white roofs. Now he’s going to put his own department where his mouth is by mandating that all new roofs on Energy Department buildings be either white or reflective.

White Roofs Catch On as Energy Cost Cutters


SAN FRANCISCO — Returning to their ranch-style house in Sacramento after a long summer workday, Jon and Kim Waldrep were routinely met by a wall of heat. “We’d come home in the summer, and the house would be 115 degrees, stifling,” said Mr. Waldrep, a regional manager for a national company. He or his wife […]