The Ultimate Roofing Option

The Ultimate roofing

The Ultimate Roofing Option Polo International is proud to carry and install the ultimate roofing option, our amazing SSP process also known as silicone single-ply! Polo International is also proud of our accomplishment, which is that we have installed over Fifty Million Square Feet of our ‘ultimate roofing option’  in commercial locations across the country. […]

Hurricane Resistant Roofing – SPF

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The 2021 Hurricane season is closing in, and it’s time to consider hurricane resistant roofing; Polo International can help! First a bit about who we are, and why you can trust us as your supplier of hurricane-resistant roofing. Polo international’s primary product for protecting roofs throughout most of the country, and the year is actually […]

Best Commercial Roofer – Polo Int

Best Commercial Roofer

If you’re hunting down the Best Commercial Roofer for your money, look no further than the pros at Polo international! We’ve made our home in the great sunshine state, but fear not for we deal with clients all over the 48 continental States! In fact, we have been hired to install over Fifty Million square […]

Silicone Single Ply Roofing from Polo

Silicone Single Ply Roofing From Polo

Silicone Single Ply Roofing from Polo Polo International is proud to be the nation’s number one dealer and installer of silicone Single Ply roofing, with over 50,000,000 SqFt installed!  The compound we use and process are collectively together referred to as Silicone single-ply roofing or SSP for short. No other roofing company using a similar […]

Silicone Roof Contractors

Silicone Roof Contractors

When it comes to the hiring silicone roof contractors for your commercial building, you want to be sure that you get the top value for your investment. Plenty of commercial business owners are beginning to understand the advantages of silicone roof coating systems and SPF roofing systems. Both systems offer awesome benefits for commercial businesses […]

Silicone Roof Coating Cost

Silicone Roof Coating Cost

Everyone knows what the Florida sun can do to your skin. Consider that same sun beaming down on your business’s skin, otherwise known as a roof, all day, every day! You have a choice because now, you can continue allowing your roof to go untreated, getting blasted by 100° plus temperatures or you can do […]

Best Roofing Product by Polo Int

Best Roofing Product

Best Roofing Product by Polo Int If you’re here, it’s because you are wondering what the best roofing product available on today’s market might be, and who carries and installs it. At Polo international, we believe the answer to that is silicone Roofing. Silicone is incredibly durable and long-lasting, in fact, that’s a really big […]

Benefits of Silicone Roofing by Polo Int

Benefits of silicone

Benefits of Silicone Roofing by Polo Int You may have heard of it before, but have been left wondering what are the benefits of silicone roofing? Silicone roofing is one of, if not the most durable, longest-lasting, and cost-effective roofing products available today. Polo Internation is the leading installer of silicone roofing nationwide. We are […]

Why Use Silicone Roofing by Polo Int

Why Use Silicone Roofing?

Why Use Silicone Roofing by Polo Int If you’re here, you likely found his article because you have been wondering “Why Use Silicone Roofing?” There are many reasons to consider this highly durable, and wonderful product for your roofing needs. Polo Internation is the leading installer of silicone roofing nationwide. Though based out of south […]

Silicone Commercial Roofing Contractor

Silicone Commercial Roofing Contractor

When it comes to finding a silicone commercial roofing contractor, why not go with the absolute best? Your roof is a vital part of keeping your business comfortable and safe for both your employees and customers. Polo International Inc is the nation’s largest silicone roofing contractor with thousands of installs and many years of experience […]