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Silicone Coatings for Commercial Flat Roofs

If you’re hunting down the Best Commercial Roofer for your money, look no further than the pros at Polo international! We’ve made our home in the great sunshine state, but fear not for we deal with clients all over the 48 continental States! In fact, we have been hired to install over Fifty Million square […]

Polyurethane Roofing Compound by Polo

Polyurethane Roofing Compound by Polo

Polyurethane Roofing Compound by Polo Polo International is already well known for our incredible SSP product, but did you know we carry polyurethane roofing compound as well? At Polo Int, we’re super committed to providing the most incredible, cost-effective, and top-quality roofing products and installation services available on the market today,. From the quote to […]

Polyurethane Roofing aka SPF by Polo

Polyurethane Roofing Agent

Polyurethane Roofing aka SPF by Polo Polyurethane Roofing is one of the many roofing solutions offered by professional roofing contractors Polo International! We call this particular roofing option SPF- or sprayed polyurethane foam. Before we dive into the details of why Polyurethane roofing might be a good choice for your roof, lets talk a bit […]

SPF roofing for 2021 with Polo Int

SPF roofing for 2021

SPF roofing for 2021 with Polo Int If your home or business exists in a location or region prone to inclement weather such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, or tornados you’ll want to look into our SPF roofing for 2021. SPF roofing is an amazing product that’s been shown by testing in both the lab and the […]

Weather Resistant Roofing – SPF 

Weather Resistant Roofing

Weather Resistant Roofing – SPF Polo International is pleased to carry and install tested weather-resistant Roofing, more specifically Sprayed Polyurethane Foam. SPF roofing is an incredible, and field-proven way to protect roofs and walls against weather and natural disasters- particularly hurricanes. This is in part due to SPF’s extremely high resistance to forceful wind uplift […]

White Roofs


View a video of previous US Energy Secretary Steven Chu on the benefits of silicone roofing systems or “white roofs.”

White Roofs Save Energy


The Associated Press reports that when the temperature on a roof is measured with an infrared gun, white roofs can be 45 degrees cooler than conventional dark-colored roofing material. This difference means cooler indoors that need less air conditioning to cool, which makes a building more energy efficient. This “cool roof” program has taken off […]

White roofs cool energy bills


NEW YORK — Herb Van Gent points his infrared gun at a square of still-unpainted gray shingle and clicks the trigger. He gets an immediate temperature reading: 143 degrees and rising. Then he aims it five feet away to a square of roof I have just painted: 98 degrees and decreasing. He smiles. “A 45-degree […]

Silicone Roofing Applications


SPF Roofing SPF seals and insulates any surface it is applied to! When SPF is applied it seals and expands (up to 30 times its liquid size) as it dries and forms a closed cell, monolithic barrier that prevents water and air infiltration and exfiltration. Hurricane Protection The track record for spray polyurethane foam (SPF) […]