Silicone Roof

Silicone Roof

The silicone roof is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for commercial roofing systems around the globe. Although silicone roofing systems may look similar to traditional commercial roofing systems they offer many more benefits than the traditional ones. There are many flaws in traditional roofing materials that remain unfixed. The silicone roofing system is an effective option to address these […]

SPF Silicone Roof

SPF Silicone Roof

If you are looking for the best company that can install a SPF Silicone Roof for your building look no further than Polo International! SPF silicone roofs, also known as spray polyurethane foam silicone roofs, are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings. Here are some reasons why SPF silicone roofs are a good […]

Polyurethane Roofing Agent – SPF Roofing

Polyurethane Roofing Agent

Polyurethane Roofing Agent – SPF Roofing Polo International’s weather-resistant roofing utilizes a polyurethane roofing agent! We call this particular roofing option SPF- or sprayed polyurethane foam. Before we dive into the details of why Polyurethane roofing might be a good choice for your roof, lets talk a bit about who we are and why you […]

Silicone roofing in 2022 with Polo INT

Silicone roofing in 2022

Silicone roofing in 2022 with Polo INT Polo international has installed over 50 million square feet of roofing in the USA and wants to be your source for silicone roofing in 2022! Though we are a south Florida-based silicone Roofing product contractor, we happily do business across the entire continental USA. Polo international offers an […]

South Florida Roofing Contractor

South Florida Roofing

South Florida Roofing Contractor- Polo int! When looking for a south Florida Roofing Contractor you’lll find Polo Int uses the best option with our SSP- silicone-based roofing! Nobody else matches the product quality provided by our Silicone single Ply process at Polo international! Other methods are less effective because of checmical limitations imposed by the […]

Protecting your Roof with Polo International!

Protecting your Roof

Protecting your Roof with Polo International! Polo International provides world-class solutions for protecting your roof using the best products and installation services available in the roofing industry! We are an installer of products designed to maximize the effectivness, and efficiency of the process of protecting your roof, and we are known for having installed more […]

Roofing Companies in South Florida

Roofing Companies in South Florida

There is a multitude of factors to consider when it comes to looking through all of the available contractors and Roofing Companies in South Florida. When deciding on a contractor for any construction project, roofing, or otherwise, it’s important to consider these issues. If overlooked, you could end up spending way more than you initially […]

Commercial Roofing Contractors, Polo Int!

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Polo International are the premier South Florida based Commercial Roofing Contractors. We also happen to hold the title of the most Square Footage of silicone roofing sold across the entire United States! The Sevice we provide is a high quality, high tech method of roofing protection ad installation that is very new to the industry […]

Silicone Roofing- the need to know facts!

Silicone Roofing- the need to know facts!

Who We Are! Polo international is a south Florida based silicone Roofing company and the largest installer in the entire USA. We have installed over 50,000,000 Square Feet of Roofing in commercial locations across the country. We provide a state-of-the-art level of Property roofing protection unheard of in the industry until now. We’re proud of […]