Best Roofing Contractor Criteria

Best Roofing Contractor

Best Roofing Contractor Criteria

If your reading this article, likely you’re trying to find the best roofing contractor available to perform the job for your Roofing Needs. Polo International is the largest installer of Roofing products- nationwide. We’ve installed over 50 million SQ feet of roofing, and going! There are some criteria you’re going to want to check off when looking for the best roofing contractor. Read on to learn how you can narrow down your search- and we’re sure you’ll consider Polo International!

1. The first thing your prospective contractor should do, is a thorough evaluation of the property. Talking numbers based on square footage estimates alone is not a good sign and indicates the contractor is only concerned with locking in the deal.

How can you, or your potential contractor truly know the materials and labor involved without even taking a look? They simply can’t- if they are rushing for your wallet before stepping on site this is a good time to look elsewhere- like Polo International!

2. Details, details, details- your contractor should be open and honest with you about every part of the process and the quote.

Polo International knows that the only way to be the best roofing contractors to maintain consistent communication with our clients. No matter what, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

3. The Roofing contractor’s reputation should be well regarded. 

Check out our testimonials page, and our gallery and you’ll know very quickly how highly regarded we are and get an idea of the stellar reputation we’ve built with your clients.

4.  What kind of roofing product(s) is the contractor using?

SSP, or silicone Single Ply, is the high-tech application of a single layer of long-lasting, eco friendly, easy to install Silicone Polymer as a roofing agent. SSP is considered the most cost-effective roofing solution on the market today- and is the method used by Polo International. Always research what options your contractor has available before finalizing your choice- and why the compound they use matters.

5. Customer Service and Satisfaction is key. Why choose a contractor that just wants a paycheck and isn’t attentive to the client’s needs?

At Polo International, we strive to build lasting the best Client-Contractor relationships. We stand by our work, and so do our past clients.  We offer emergency response options and employ a friendly, professional staff who know how to communicate effectively.

These 5 factors are very important in choosing a Contractor. Don’t lean on pricing alone as a factor, make sure the money you spend gets the job done right, the first time! Contact Polo International if you need a roofing contractor for more information on our SSP process, and why we know it is the best option in the business. Call Today: 866-975-2867

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