Best Roofing Option; Silicone Roofing Pros

Best Roofing Option

The best roofing option is silicone roofing and SPF available from Polo international- Americas top roofing contractor!

Polo International is based in sunny South Florida, but we have a nationwide commercial roofing reputation! Because we have installed over 50 million square feet of commercial roofing material, all over the United States, we hold a national reputation. Many organizations have chosen Polo international as their roofing contractor because of its superior materials and techniques. We offer significant advantages to commercial roofing that have not been seen in the industry. Although the roofing itself may save you money in maintenance and other related financial burdens, the structural elements such as your electric bills might increase, especially if you use a single-ply Roof Guard. Read on to learn more about our two roofing solutions, Silicone Single Ply and Sprayed Polyurethane Foam.

SSP is the most common service and material we install. The process is called silicone “single” ply because it uses only one single layer of material to construct a cohesive bond on the roof. Despite the fact that other methods exist, SSP does not require a meticulously cleaned rooftop, extensive weather, moisture, and temperature conditions to be successful. Silicone is a synthetic substance formed by mixing silicon with a variety of polymers to give it an extremely rubber, and a very much both plastic, nature. It can be applied into a variety of cracks and also create strong seals.

Because of its durability in extreme weather circumstances, we install SPF, or Sprayed polyurethane foam, as well. A key advantage of SPF is that it lasts in severe weather. If your structure is exposed to hurricanes or tornados, SPF roofing has been shown to withstand intense hurricane-force winds.

When it comes to insulation and cooling, these two materials are almost identical, except for the fact that the insulation provides a similar benefit in the summer months when electric bills skyrocket. The materials help reflect the sun’s intense rays that would normally cool the roof down by absorbing large amounts of heat. Now your AC system will be able to relax and not have to work as hard against a constant source of incoming heat. This reduced demand on the AC will also save electric money.

You can call The nation’s number one roofing contractor, Polo international, for more information on how to get either of these options installed!

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