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Silicone based roofing

Commercial Roofing Installer – Polo Int

Polo international is a Commercial Roofing Installer and by far the largest supplier of silicone roofing in the country. We have actually put in 50 million Square feet of roofing all across the USA, it’s safe to say we are the experts in this process. The level of roofing protection we offer is bar-none the best in the industry- as it saves our clients thousands over the course of several years in roofing costs- while also providing a better quality material that generally leads to less all-around building issues. Read on to learn a bit more about our  SSP process.

When looking for a Commercial Roofing installer you’ll find that the other guys use a number of different materials that are far less effective than Silicone. These other materials happen to be so much less effective because of limits caused by their makeup- which most are a water solvent. This means that they need to be installed only in the most ideal situations. If the environment is a concern of yours, be aware that silicone is the most ECo-Friendly roofing compound available. Other materials cause environmental damage by leaving behind non-biodegradable materials during the teardown process. silicone also naturally reflects most UV light, making it ideal for keeping a building much cooler which results in lower electric bills as the AC has to do less work to maintain the desired temperature.

Polo international has developed a patented process we use a commercial roofing installer that we call SSP. This stands for Silicone Single Ply, which means only one high-quality layer of product is needed for the whole roofing job. Silicone is a substance called a polymer, and it is composed of bonding Silicon and Oxygen-based materials together. It acts like both a rubber and a plastic- with the strengths of both material types. This means it’s super durable once cured, but soft when being applied for a quick, simple process that results in a strong bond. The silicone creates the perfect seal ad that will last many years due to its high resistance to sunlight and weather such as rain, wind, and snow.

When looking for a Florida Roofing Contractor, the only one to turn to is Polo International– 50 million square feet nationwide and counting! call today for a Free Quote or to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgable staff to learn more about how our process will change the way you approach roofing!

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