Foam Roofing Benefits Versus Weather

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Foam Roofing Benefits Versus Weather

Foam Roofing, more specifically Sprayed Polyurethane Foam roofing is a remarkably great way to protect roofs and walls against weather and natural disasters- particularly hurricanes. This process is referred to as SPF for short. Polo International is a nationally recognized supplier and contractor for Roofing products. We have installed over 50 million square feet of roofing nationwide, as our products are trusted and tested throughout the whole United States. Besides SPF we also install Silicone roofing products as well. However, today we wanted to take some time to explain how SPF, or Foam Roofing, can help you protect your property against the harsh and damaging winds and rain caused by extreme weather such as hurricanes.

Foam Roofing was already well known in the roofing industry as a product renowned for its ease of installation, effectiveness, and life cycle cost. More recently, however, the benefits of this amazing product have shown through in hurricanes. The best, and therefore toughest test for any roofing system is severe weather. Many recent Us hurricanes have shown that SPF is a tried and tested roofing material capable of withstanding the awesome forces produced by these storms better than any other roofing product available today.

This is in part due to SPF’s extremely high resistance to high wind uplift and blows off. It is able to handle much more high impact wind and resist this force due to its spray-applied nature as well as its strong adhesion and lack of need for fasteners or weak grip points like joints or edges. Foam roofing is also water intrusion resistant- which keeps moisture from getting in or underneath it. Additionally, SPF is resistant to progressive peeling failure. Lab tests actually proved that SPF’s uplift resistance exceed the capacity of the test equipment at both Factory Mutual and underwriters laboratories over concrete decks. Here are some interesting factoids about SPF:

  • Can  withstand winds-force speeds over  200mph
  • One complete, seamless seal
  • Reduce energy bills by up to 40% per month
  • 20-year renewable warranties

For more information on how you can have your property protected by foam roofing, or for information on our other roofing products Call Polo International today. That number is 866-975-2867

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