Pro Roofing Contractors

Pro Roofing Contractors

Looking for pro roofing contractors? Look no further than the pros at Polo International roofing! We also happen to hold the title of the most Square Footage of silicone roofing sold across the entire United States! The Sevice we provide is a high quality, high tech method of roofing protection ad installation that is very new to the industry as a whole. That service is known as Silicone Roofing and is considered b most to be by far the best method of protecting your commercial roofing when considering all factors including cost and effectiveness. We want to tell you more about this amazing process, and how it works!

Pro Roofing Contractors use top-quality materials!:

There are some less effective roofing options available used by many Commercial Roofing Contractors as well, which may include processes such as elastomeric and acrylic roofing. In the most optimal conditions, these water and solvent-based processes can be effective, however, they are limited to being installed perfectly under the proper circumstances. This makes silicone roofing the best choice, simply because it can be installed in just about any conditions or moisture without any issue at all.

The silicone roofing compound is incredibly resistant to UV light, to the point where it is even reflective. What this boils down to is that the silicone roofing will not crack under the sun, and it will even keep the sun’s harsh heat reflected off of the roof. The result of this is a cooler building, and even lower electric bills since the AC won’t have to struggle as hard. If you’re concerned about the state of the environment, you should also be aware that silicone is widely considered the most eco-friendly solution available of all the roofing products on the market.  Unlike Silicone roofing, Generic more common roofing compounds create a plethora of unrecyclable products on tear-down that cannot be disposed of in an eco-conscious way.


How it Works!

Our Process is called Silicone Single Ply, which is abbreviated commonly as SSP. There are benefits to this process that are evident right from the get-go. With SSP, Commercial Roofing Contractors will only have to apply a single layer of the silicone roofing product to achieve maximum effectiveness and an unheard-of level of weatherproofing and defence.

Silicone, often confused with silicon- a periodic element- is a chemical compound that is from the polysiloxane group. It has a consistency that is as durable as hard plastic, but as malleable as a rubber. Because silicone roofing shares the properties described above like plastic and rubber, it makes a great roofing protection material. When the silicone is first applied it is actually closer to a liquid state, and then as it cures it becomes a solid! The seal formed by the silicone roofing is super strong, and also very weather-resistant. You will not have to approach retouching the roofing again for several years if you choose Polo International’s SSP Roofing service.


With all of the obvious benefits, it is clear the Polo International- 5 Million Square Feet and Counting- is the Number one choice for your next roofing job, Nationwide! Don’t hesitate- Call Today! 866-975-2867

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