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Roof Protected by Polo International Roofing

Polo International are the guys you want to call to get your roof protected properly. Call us today for more information!

We pride ourselves on the quality of the materials we sell and install, as well as the work we do to install them. Polo international has no shame in talking about our success, as we have installed well over fifty million square feet of roof protection products across the contiguous united states. That’s an incredibly massive amount of product to sell and install. It’s clear that there’s no way we’d ever reach those numbers if the work and the compound didn’t speak for itself. So, what is it that we here at Polo international sell and do that puts its miles ahead of the competition? We’re glad you asked, sit back and read on as we explain what made us the number one roof protection product contractor in the nation!

Our success is due to 2 major factors. first is the roofing compounds we carry cannot be beaten, and the second is the customer service and integrity with which we install these products. We carry and install two very powerful roofing compounds. These agents are known as SPF or Sprayed Polyurethane Foam and SSP, or Silicone Single Ply. Both of these components feature some similarities and we’ll go over those first. They both act as a great roof protection product but specifically share one major commonality. This is their ability to reflect the sun’s UV rays and block out excess heat. This is particularly useful during the summer months when your Power bill can be absolutely brutalized by the sun. Savings like that add up fast!

While both compounds are super viable in a number of conditions and do have some overlap in terms of effectiveness, they do have key differences that make one more effective than the other in certain circumstances. SPF for example is much better rated at handling hurricane-force winds, and was even shown to act as incredible roof protection during these kinds of storms. However, unlike its counterpart SSP, it has stricter requirements for installation. Your roof will need to be cleaned completely in order to install SPF, as well as free of moisture or anything that could prevent a bond. Although SSP is not as effective at protecting against hurricanes, it is far easier to install and more generally durable. SSP does not have the same level of the strict requirement for installation that SPF does, and does not require your roof to be cleaned to a pristine or totally moisture-free state.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll know your roof is protected by the number one team in the business- Polo international, proudly installed over 50 million sq feet and counting!

For more info on SSP, or our other roofing process SPF, call Polo International roofing today.

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