Roof Protection Compounds By Polo Int!

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Roof Protection Compounds ByPolo Int!

Polo International is the nation’s largest and most respected installer of roof protection compounds by Polo Int such as SSP and SPF. Across the 48 continental states, we have installed numerous amounts of our roof protection compounds to ensure the cost-effectiveness and protection of your properties! We’ve installed over 50 million square feet of our roofing products, and are looking to install even more, with a goal to protect the roofs of everyone in America! But why are we so well trusted, and why do people keep turning to Polo International to protect their properties roofs? Well, it’s no secret that we’ve installed over Fifty Million square Feet of roofing materials in the USA. (That’s 50,000,000 if you wanted to see the zeros’!) That’s because our roof protection compounds are by far the best available in the industry today.

Check out the details below on our awesome options!

The product we’ve installed the most has definitely got to be our Silicone roofing option. We refer to this option as silicone single ply, which is the name of the process we use that involves spraying the silicone on your roof. The name implies correctly that we only need a single layer of silicone to achieve maximum protection and bonding! This amazing product can provide massive savings during the summer months since it blocks out the sun’s UV rays preventing your roof from hyper heating. Additionally, this makes it so your inside temps are insulated, allowing your AC to work less to achieve the same cooling. Less AC work = more $$ in your pocket from lower electric overhead costs! AdditiThis product is also extremely popular because it is environmentally friendly upon removal. Additionally, it can reduce the costs of an electric bill at any given location, quite substantially, due to the natural cooling insulation properties the compound provides.

SPF is the second of our roof protection compounds commonly used and that stands for Sprayed Polyurethane Foam. While SSP might be a more well-rounded approach, SPF is specifically useful in areas that are subject to storming, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any forceful winds. This is due to the fact that SPF was proven to withstand hurricane-force winds without coming apart! SPF roofing seals and expands to up to 30 times its liquid size. This forms a massive barrier between your roof and the external elements such as water, and air infiltration. Like SSP, SPF roofing also provides cooling benefits to keep that electric bill down especially in the hotter summer months!

We want to be your go-to Commercial Roofing Contractor, now and in the foreseeable future. To learn more about why we know we can offer you a product and service that exceeds your standards, give the professional staff at Polo International a Call today!

Roof Protection Compounds By Polo Int

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