Signs Its Time For Florida Commercial Roof Repair

Florida Commercial Roof Repair

Roofs are a long-lasting investment, but eventually, the time will come when your roof incurs wear and damage. Unfortunately, roofs can often conceal their problems from the untrained eye until it is too late. Polo International is the number one provider of large scale SPF and Silicone roofing solutions nationally and is based out of South Florida. Here we take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that it is time for Florida commercial roof repair. 


Staining or evident leaking

This is the main consequence we think of when a faulty roof is mentioned. Leaks are a cosmetic, architectural, and health disaster. A bad leak can also cost you hundreds if not thousands. In an ideal world, your roof leak will make itself apparent quickly and you can remedy the situation before there is too much damage. Sometimes, however, a leak will not be so clear. You may instead notice staining around your property. These stains can be not only on the roof but on walls or near the floor as well. This is because the water let in by your faulty roof may travel through your architecture before presenting itself. If you are noticing strange stains that seemingly have no place of origin, it is worth getting someone out to inspect your roof. 


Shingle wear

Many roofs, especially in Florida, are shingled. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly seen variety. Asphalt shingles are made from an organic or fiberglass base which is waterproofed using “rubberized asphalt” and coated in asphalt granules. There are a couple of ways to tell if your shingles are in a state of disrepair. If your shingles are easily viewable, you may notice visible signs of wear ie. curling, tearing, or bubbling. However, due to the design of many commercial roofs, you may not always be able to see the affected areas. But this does not mean there are no signs you can look out for. The asphalt granules we mentioned earlier will begin to come loose as your shingles deteriorate. You can look for these granules in your runoff gutters, as rain will easily pick up and deposit loose asphalt. 


Increased energy bill

Outside of protecting your property from the elements, your roof also acts as a layer of insulation. As your roof deteriorates, so do these insulating properties. You may notice at first that your building is cooling much slower. Once your energy bill comes, there might be a noticeable spike. Conversely, you may see your energy bill slowly creep upwards as the hidden damage in your roof worsens. This will happen for a couple of reasons. The first is the rapid escape of air-conditioned air, which makes your AC system have to work overtime to replenish it. You may also experience leaks that lead to damp insulation. Wet insulation is not nearly as effective as it is when dry. Keeping utility costs consistent is of the utmost importance when budgeting for commercial businesses, so rely on Polo International to restore your roof’s integrity. 


Polo International offers SPF and Silicone roof refinishing services to help you return your roof to an attractive and functional state. If you are unsure if your roof is in need of repair, you can contact us with any questions and to request a free Florida commercial roof repair quote! 

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Florida Commercial Roof Repair