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SPF Roofing by Polo International

There are currently several kinds of roofing processes and materials available on the market, and one such option is known as SPF Roofing. This is becoming an increasingly more and more popular method of roofing and is known for its durability, and heating protection. Polo International has installed SPF and silicone roofing solutions across more than 50 million square feet of roofing nationwide. We’re the professionals when it comes to effective, cost-friendly roofing solutions. Read on to learn more about what SPF roofing is, and how Polo International can provide you the best quality roofing services available- nationwide.

Firstly, SPF Roofing stands for Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing. SPF is a mix of two different chemicals- polyol and isocyanate. These two chemicals are moved through a pump which also acts as a proportion system and heater to feed the mix as a liquid through an attached spray gun. The substance is then sprayed as a single, continuous membrane which has a very high level of stability.   In order for this process to be successful, the substance must be applied to a roof that is efficiently cleaned, well dried, and free of external contaminants such as debris, greases, or oils. This allows the product to properly bond. The surface must also be properly fastened to the substrate according to the local building code. Afterward, a protective topcoat is required, and usually, this is then sprayed on. The topcoat can however also be applied with hand rollers or power rollers.

What are the benefits of SPF roofing? The SPF coating is extremely durable. It is self-flashing, and this helps it effectively seal out any possible leaks. The additional top coating provides a powerful layer of weather protection and can be applied as a slope to drain water effectively. Maintenance costs are also a factor, as maintaining  SPF roofing is simple and inexpensive. Generally, any damages can simply be repaired with quality caulking. However the reason most choose to go with Polyurethane foam as a roofing solution is the energy savings yielded from the thermal insulation provided by the compound.  No other roofing material as as such a great insulator- and the costs in reduced air conditioning and therefore electrical usage usually pay for the roofing service in around 4.5 years. For more information on how Polo International can provide you the best quality roofing solkutions available, give us a call today at 866-975-2867. 50 million Sq Ft and Counting!

SPF Roofing by Polo International

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