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Top Roofing Contractor; Storm Resistant Roofing

Top Roofing Contractor Polo Int

Though Polo international is based out of sunny South Florida, we carry a reputation for being the number one, Top roofing contractor! We consider ourselves the top roofing contractor because of our accomplishment record. That is to say, Polo Int has proudly installed over 50 million square feet of commercial roofing material, all over the continental US of A!

Theres quite a few reasons many consider us the top roofing contractor for both commercial and residential purposes. This is due to the fact that we provide two very powerful solutions to commercial roofing that are the most advanced and useful materials and techniques to date in the industry. We provide savings in not just the roofing itself, but in the maintenance and other related financial burdens associated with the structures such as your electric bills. Read on to learn more about our two roofing options, Silicone single Ply, and Sprayed Polyurethane Foam.

Silicone Single Ply is the more common service and material we install. This process is referred to as SSP for short. It is called Silicone “single” Ply because it only takes one single layer of the material to form a cohesive bond on the roof. Unlike many other methods available, SSP doesn’t require a meticulously cleaned rooftop, and highly specific weather, moisture, or temperature conditions to be successfully installed. Silicone is a chemical compound made by combining the periodic element ‘silicon’ with various polymers resulting in a material that is very much both lie a rubber, and a plastic. this allows silicone the malleability to be installed into crevices and also to create strong seals.

SPF, or Sprayed polyurethane foam, is another option we install as well. One of the major benefits to SPF is it proven durability in extreme weather circumstances. If your structure exists in an area prone to hurricanes or tornados, SPF roofing has been proven to hold up under the intense pull of hurricane-force winds.

Both of these materials provide a similar benefit when it comes to insulation and cooling, particularly during the summer months when electric bills tend to skyrocket. The materials help reflect the sun’s intense rays that would cause the roof to normally absorb large amounts of heat. Now your AC system will get to relax and not have to work against a constant source of incoming heat. this reduced load on the AC itself, and of course reduces electric costs.

For more info on how to get either of these options installed, call The nation’s number one roofing contractor, Polo international today!

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