Basic Info On An SPF And Silicone Roof System

Silicone Roofing- the need to know facts!

When it comes to the best silicone roof system for commercial properties, ensuring you get the most out of your investment is key. Many commercial property owners are now starting to value the various benefits of both silicone roof coating systems and SPF roofing systems.

Both of these innovative and protective commercial roofing systems provide numerous benefits. However, they are slightly different from one another. Understanding these differences can help you better understand which roof system is most suited for your building.

Below we will highlight some of these differences and the advantages both options can provide. If you’d like to speak with a commercial roofing company in Fort Lauderdale directly, reach out and contact Polo International or call 866-975-2867 today for a free estimate. 

Silicone Roof Coating System 

Many property owners choose to invest in silicone roof coating due to its various benefits. This particular type of roof coating uses high-grade silicone capable of reflecting harmful UV rays.

Reflecting the UV rays ultimately means less direct heat on the roof. By reflecting heat, the interior of the building is able to stay cooler and overall energy costs can be lowered. 

The flexible and durable properties of silicone roofing are designed to last around fifteen to twenty years. Their protective properties can lower monthly energy bills as much as 30%, making them one of the most popular commercial roofing choices.

A silicone roofing system can also protect a commercial building from other dangers, such as fire, water, mildew, and even impacts. On top of that, silicone roof coating is easily maintainable and powerful enough to improve underlying structural materials while remaining both sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Spray Foam (SPF) Coating

SPF roofing, otherwise known as spray polyurethane foam roof coating, is a highly beneficial roofing choice for numerous reasons. Like top-quality silicone roofs, SPF roofing has water-repelling and UV-resistant properties. 

One reason to consider investing in an SPF roofing system is due to how quickly it can be put in place. SPF roof coatings make both residential and commercial roofs water-resistant, insulated, are quite versatile, are lightweight, and are capable of being applied to most surface materials. 

SPF roofs also reduce building movement and protect against thermal shock, a powerful quality in areas such as Florida where hurricanes are a genuine concern. Lastly, SPF roofs are free from dangerous elements such as asbestos and formaldehyde. 

Install A Silicone Roof System In Fort Lauderdale

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