Fort Lauderdale SPF Roofing and Silicone Roofing

SPF Roofing; Hurricane Resistant

Polo International is a South Florida based company specializing in commercial roofing solutions nationally. We pride ourselves on our team of knowledgeable roofing techs, quick turnaround time, and superb customer service. Our team has covered well over 50,000,000 square feet of roofing all across the US and has maintained a core group of happy South Florida clients. We offer innovative and affordable roofing services. If you are searching for Fort Lauderdale SPF roofing or silicone roofing, Polo International is the team that will exceed your expectations in every step of the process. 

SPF Roofing

SPF roofing stands for Spray Foam Roofing. It is an extremely cost-effective and easily maintainable option for roof resurfacing. The benefits of SPF roofing are numerous. Firstly, SPF roofing is a fantastic insulator and will help reduce your energy bill, especially in those hot summer months. Generally, the energy savings of a spray foam roof will completely pay for its installation in less than 5 years.  This is an extremely quick turn around, especially considering the longevity of SPF roofs.

 So how long will your SPF last exactly? With periodic maintenance, spray foam roofs have been shown to last upwards of 50 years. With diligent care, your SPF roof can even last indefinitely. Other than direct savings, SPF has other cost-cutting properties. SPF is weather, wind, and water-resistant, making it the perfect option for roofs prone to leakage. Spray polyurethane is an extremely versatile substance that will adhere to virtually any existing roofing material. Because it is applied first as a liquid foam that hardens, SPF easily makes its way into every nook and cranny of even the most irregular roofs. This is called self-flashing and contributes to its remarkable weather-proofing capabilities. 

Instead of a messy and expensive tear-down of an old roof, you can completely transform it with the quick and painless installation of an SPF roof coating. 


Silicone Roofing

Another option offered by Polo International is a silicone roof coating. Silicone roofing offers an additional layer of protection against water, UV rays, impact, fire, and weather. It also has an added benefit in the humid Florida climate- mildew resistance. A Polo International silicone roof provides such great protection because it provides one continuous seal. There are no seams to allow for particles or water to make their way through. 


Silicone is a long-lasting fix that can be used in conjunction with SPF roofing or be applied directly to various other roof materials such as:

  • Metal
  • Mineral cap sheets 
  • Single-ply membranes
  • Built-up roofing
  • Concrete 
  • PVC


If you are unsure if your roof is compatible with a silicone coating, contact Polo International and we can assist you. Or silicone roofing is about half the price of a new roof and comes with a 15 to 20-year manufacturer warranty. 


Polo International is an authorized installer for Accella Roofing Solutions, Tropical Roofing Products, and GE Silicones. We have a variety of national and state-specific accreditations so you can feel confident in your choice to hire our roofing professionals. However, the best testament to the quality of our work is the magnificent testimonials we have accrued from some of the nation’s most notable companies. If your roof is in shambles or you are looking for an effective preventative measure, call us at 866-975-2867. 

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Fort Lauderdale SPF Roofing