White Silicone Roof Coating System

Protecting roofs from the elements is possible with roof coatings. A silicone roof coating system has two benefits. It protects the roof from the elements and lowers energy costs. If you are looking for Silicone Spray Roofing in Florida you are in luck! Polo International is the best silicone roofing company around!

Roof coatings are usually water-based and can be described as liquid carriers. Roof coatings can be applied to almost any roofing surface, including asphalt, metal, rubber, and a variety of other materials.

Continue reading to discover more about the advantages of silicone spray roofing systems. For more information on a silicone roofing system or to speak with experienced commercial roofing contractors please contact Polo International

Silicone Roof Coating Systems

Silicone spray roofing offers several benefits, including lower energy costs, easy maintenance, and protection against water. It is possible to protect commercial roofs from water and sunlight due to their UV-reflective, water-resistant qualities.

After silicone spray roofing has been applied, it is important to maintain and clean the roof. White roof coatings are often applied to roofs that have been exposed to rain and dust. Over time, this will lead to roof damage from dirt, debris, and other elements.

These elements can build up over time and cover the white coating. If not maintained properly, these elements can also cause discoloration or surface problems on the roof.

The roof coating’s needs will vary depending on its coating, weather conditions, and how often it is used. A silicone roof coating should be cleaned at least once every three years. Sometimes, it is recommended that you clean it every seven years.

Cleaning can either be done by the owner or professionally. It all depends on the individual’s situation and budget. Polo International can be reached at 866-975-2877 for more information about silicone roofing systems.

Silicone Spray Roofing Florida

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