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South Florida Roofing Contractor – Polo INT

Are you looking for a south Florida Roofing contractor? Look no further than the professional team at Polo International! We have proudly installed over fifty million square feet of our primary roofing product- SSP or silicone Single Ply. We also specialize in weather-resistant roofing solutions in the form of SPF or Sprayed Polyurethane Foam. No matter what your needs for a south Florida roofing contractor, Polo International has you covered. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of some of the important things you should consider when hiring a south Florida roofing contractor. Polo knows that we check every box on this list, and want to hear from you when you’re ready to get started!

1. Make sure the contractor performs a detailed evaluation and inspection of the property before shooting quotes at you. How can they quote you for a property they haven’t seen yet?

Any Roofing Companies in South Florida should be able to look into any concerns you have and inspect the property to identify things a professional eye can spot. The contractor should see this action as part of their best interest, and not simply be trying to make a quick buck. Polo international’s techs will provide a professional, quality assessment of your property and make sure you understand the details

2. Things happen, and sometimes our plans don’t line up with reality. If there are changes to the plan or obstacles that arise, your contractor should be transparent about this every step of the way. When you aren’t a professional at work, it can be difficult sometimes to understand the details of the project, particularly if your contractor is poor at communicating key information.

Polo International knows that the only way we can get the job done right is by constantly communicating with our clients. No matter where the job is at- or what issues arise- rest assured you as the client are the first to know. We break down the process, from start to finish- and anything that needs to be discussed along the way with our clients so they’re always in the know.

3. Don’t jump the gun over kind words and a charming meeting. A compare professional history is just as important as their most recent presentation. Make sure you do the research and sift through the potential contractors. The work should clearly speak for itself, and demonstrate professional results. 

Check out Polo international’s testimonials page, as well as our gallery to see just how great our reputation is not just in south Florida, but nationally. we are by and large the nation’s biggest Silicone Roofing contractor- with 50 million Square feet of roofing installed and counting!

4.  Roofing isn’t performed by just on the person, nor is it accomplished using just one kind of product. Get a good idea of your particular needs so you already know what kind of roofing products will best suit your purposes, be cost-effective, and make sense for your project./

SSP, or silicone Single Ply, is the high-tech application of a single layer of long-lasting, eco-friendly, easy to install Silicone Polymer as a roofing agent. IT is considered the most cost-effective roofing solution on the market today- and is the method used by Polo International.

5. Customer Service and Satisfaction is key. Why choose a contractor that just wants a paycheck and isn’t attentive to the client’s needs?

At Polo International, we strive to build lasting the best Client-Contractor relationships. We stand by our work, and so do our past clients.  We offer emergency response options, and employ a friendly, professional staff who know how to communicate effectively.

These 5 factors are very important in choosing a Contractor. Don’t lean on pricing alone as a factor, make sure the money you spend gets the job done right, the first time! Contact Polo International if you need a roofing contractor for more information on our SSP process, and why we know it is the best option in the business. Call Today: 866-975-2867

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