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Polo International is the USAs #1 Commercial Roofer, how do we know this? More than 50 Million square feet of installed product nationwide!

Despite being headquartered in the beautiful sunshine state of South Florida, Polo international has gained a nationwide reputation as the top commercial roofing company. This is evident from the fact that we have successfully installed more than 50 million square feet of commercial roofing materials across the continental United States. Many organizations have chosen Polo international as their trusted roofing contractor due to our utilization of the most advanced and useful roofing materials and techniques available in the industry. Our two roofing options, Silicone single Ply, and Sprayed Polyurethane Foam not only provide savings in roofing but also in maintenance and other associated financial burdens such as electricity bills. Further details on these two roofing options are available below.

Our commonly used service and material for installation is Silicone Single Ply, which is commonly referred to as SSP. The name “single” Ply is given because it only needs one layer of the material to create a cohesive bond on the roof. Unlike other methods, SSP does not require a spotless roof or specific weather and temperature conditions for successful installation. A chemical compound called Silicone, which is a mixture of silicon and polymers, makes up the material. It has a rubber and plastic-like consistency, which allows it to be installed in crevices and make strong seals.

SPF, which stands for Sprayed Polyurethane Foam, is an alternative option that we also install. The primary advantage of SPF is its proven durability in severe weather conditions. If your building is located in an area prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, SPF roofing has been demonstrated to withstand the strong pull of hurricane-force winds. Both materials offer a similar advantage regarding insulation and cooling, particularly in the summer months when energy bills tend to rise. These materials help to reflect the intense rays of the sun that would typically cause the roof to absorb a significant amount of heat. This decreases the load on the AC system and, of course, reduces the cost of electricity. Consequently, your air conditioning system can relax and not have to work against a continuous source of incoming heat.

Now that you know how amazing SSP and SPF roofign agents are, its time to call Polo International! Our agents are standing by to help discuss your roofing needs, and get you a quote for the right product for the right purpose! Don’t hesitate to reach out to the best commercial roofer in the USA- Polo international today!

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