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Silicone Roofing Installed – Polo

Polo International is proud to be the nation’s number one dealer and installer of silicone Single Ply roofing, with over 50,000,000 SqFt  of Silicone Roofing Installed! The compound we use and process are collectively together referred to as Silicone single-ply roofing or SSP for short. No other roofing company using a similar compound, and installation process as advanced as ours. Polo International is proud to continue proving ourselves with the quality of our work to the many property owners of the USA. If you’re here its likely you were looking for the best roofing options available to you today. We encourage you to keep reading as we explain what silicone single play roofing is, and why it is in fact the most advanced and cost-effective solution in the roofing industry today! First, know that we chose silicone as the primary compound due to its unique structural properties. It is useful because once cured, it behaves in ways similar to both rubber and plastic. This means it can fill and seal tight spaces easily but is also hard, and not porous providing stability. This compound is made by chemically combining silicon- an element from the periodic table, with polymers in order to yield what is called Silicone. We are then able to use the silicone compound in our silicone single ply roofing process to provide a level of protection to your property like never before! As mentioned earlier, the process is collectively called ‘silicone single ply roofing. This process is named this way because it only take s a single layer or coating of the product in order to create a sufficient bond and finish the roofing. Using less product helps us keep our costs down, which in turn allows us to change better prices to our clients and keep their costs down too. SSP is amazing because, unlike other roofing options, it can be applied in a variety of levels of heat and moisture, and doesn’t require a specific level of deep cleaning either. Its also far more environmentally friendly than other compounds during teardown or removal. Additionally, SSP will save you tons on electric bills as the thermal heat reduction properties it has by reflecting sunlight will cause your location to be naturally cooler, needing far less use of the Air conditioning. For more info on SSP, or our other roofing process SPF, call Polo International roofing today. Polo International – 50 million Square Feet and counting! 866-975-2867 Related: Why Use Silicone Roofing by Polo Int Find us on: Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube