Reasons to Choose Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

Have you been searching for spray foam roofing contractors for your commercial property? Spray foam roofing, or an SPF roofing system, is an innovative roofing material that provides insulation and high water resistance.

SPF roofing systems have become popular with commercial property owners for its convenience, affordability, and durability. Properly applying spray foam roofing requires the proper experience, materials, and equipment.

Commercial roofing companies can apply SPF roofing to the largest commercial buildings in a timely manner. The following article will highlight what spray foam roofing is and the benefits it can provide. 

If you would like to discuss applying SPF roofing to your commercial property, be sure to contact Polo International today. 

What Is Spray Foam Roofing?

Spray foam roofing is a roofing material that is comprised of two different materials. When combined, the foam can expand up to twenty times and forms a seamless, durable roof.

Spray foam roofing becomes an adhesive that will stick to almost any surface. Whether your commercial property’s roof is made of wood, cinder block, concrete, or metal, spray foam will adhere to it. 

By adhering to the existing surface, spray foam roofing is much easier than tearing away old roofing and installing a new roof. Spray foam roofing is designed to last approximately fifty years. It only requires some occasional maintenance. 

SPF Roofing Provides UV Protection and Insulation

Some spray foam roofing contractors offer added UV resistance by providing UV resistant granules on the top layer of the foam. This is a great way to protect your commercial roofing investment.

Adding UV protection can also help keep energy bill costs down. By keeping harmful UV rays away, heat will have a much harder time entering the building. 

Spray roof foaming is a popular roofing choice because of the added insulation it offers, as well. The added insulation will help keep energy bills low throughout the year.

Air will stay inside the building much easier with a white roof coating system. Studies have even been conducted that have shown spray foam roofing pays for itself in four to five years. 

Easy Installation Process

A major advantage of spray roof foaming is the ease and speed in which it can be installed. Most roofing installations can take a long amount of time to complete. They can also be very disruptive to a commercial property.

Experienced SPF roofing contractors can install this roofing material in a timely and minimally disruptive manner. 

The Best Spray Foam Roofing Contractors in Fort Lauderdale

If you are interested in applying SPF roofing to your commercial property then you will want to rely on experience. Polo International, Inc. is the best choice for silicone roof coating systems and SPF roofing installations.

Spray foam roofing can provide incredible benefits but only if it is properly installed. Our experienced roofing technicians will ensure you are completely satisfied with your spray foam roof. 

Contact Polo Int. today at 866-975-2867 to discuss SPF roofing in Fort Lauderdale today. Our expert roofing technicians can discuss any details of your project and schedule a free estimate. 

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Spray Foam Roofing Contractors