Silicone Roofing Near Me

Commercial silicone roofing is becoming an extremely popular option. Due to its ease, cost-effectiveness, and remarkable weather-resistance, it has quickly become the number one choice for large scale roofing or reroofing projects. Across the country, one name comes up constantly when talking about the top silicone contractors: Polo International Inc. We have the most professional teams and over 50,000,000 square feet of commercial roofs covered nationally under our belt. If you are searching for silicone roofing near me, trust Polo International to get the job done perfectly. 


What Is Silicone?

Silicone can be found on the periodic table of elements. It is sandwiched between Carbon and Germanium in the 14th group. Despite its physical similarities to both, silicone is not plastic and it is not rubber. However, it does share some of these substances’ properties, namely its waterproofing and malleability. 




Our system is called SSP for Silicone Single-Ply. This means that you only need one coat of silicone formula to achieve maximum protection and weather-proofing. The silicone is applied as a liquid and cures down to a solid. Because of this, the end result is one continuous silicone seal. The remarkable resistance of silicone to a variety of elements means that once applied, you will not need to retouch your roof for many years. 

A silicone reroofing can also save you stress and money simply due to its ease of application. A roof tear-down can cost you not only money but also lots of time in extensive preparations. Our highly experienced professionals take care of everything from preparation to clean up. You will not need to worry about the prolonged disruption of your business or exposing your building’s interior to damage-causing elements. 



Silicone is UV resistant. This allows it to stand up to harsh sun exposure for many years. It also helps keep your electric bill low, as our white silicone coatings will reflect 80-90% of the UV rays that hit it. In addition to protection from the sun, silicone also offers mildew resistance, which is great for more humid, southern climates. 



Silicone is also widely recognized as safe, with many food and medical professions using silicone instruments. Another benefit is that our quick and clean application process is far more environmentally friendly than a roofing tear down. A roof replacement creates hundreds of pounds of non-recyclable wastes and tons of particulate pollution. Silicone reroofing can be applied to almost any existing roof material and creates no pollutant by-products during application. 

We often get questions about elastomeric and acrylic roof coatings. Other coatings we often see are either solvent or water-based. This makes them extremely finicky and they must be applied in exactly ideal conditions. They are also more prone to cracking and degradation. In addition, solvent-based coatings are known for their potential flammability and toxicity. Silicone roof coatings are solids- based, making them very stable, durable, and non-reactive. 


Polo International Inc

Silicone Roofing is an amazing choice, but the contractor you choose matters. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Government agencies, and small local shops that pour everything into their business, Polo International is known for friendly professionalism and superb results. Check out our video vault and contact us here for a free evaluation!

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Silicone Roofing Near Me