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Silicone Roofing Systems In Fort Lauderdale For Flat Roofs

The popularity of silicone roofing systems in Fort Lauderdale has continued to grow as more people learn the benefits. Although a silicone roof coating system looks almost the same as conventional materials, it is entirely different.

These differences can provide multiple advantages over traditional roofing materials. A building’s roof is an important investment that should not be taken lightly.

If you want to learn more or have any questions about an upcoming silicone roof installation in Fort Lauderdale, contact Polo International today for help. 

What Are Silicone Roofing Systems Made Of?

Our silicone roof coating system primarily consists of a spray polyurethane foam covered with highly-reflective, insulative, and solvent-free specialty coatings. The material is based on the element silicon that has been extensively researched for over eight decades.

During that time, scientists and researchers have discovered numerous applications and forms of silicone. These include greases, sealants, gels, oils, and rubber.

Unlike traditional petroleum-based roofing materials, our silicone roofing systems in Fort Lauderdale use spray polyurethane foam and specialty coatings for seamless insulation and waterproof barriers. 

Qualities of Silicone Roof Coating Systems

Silicone coating provides incredible benefits that make it the better choice over conventional roofing materials. One of its benefits includes how it reacts to the environment.

For example, silicone roofing systems are extremely flexible in temperatures from -200 degrees Fahrenheit to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This is extremely useful considering the high temperatures that are common in South Florida. 

This flexibility makes the silicone coating highly elastic, allowing it to easily return to its original shape. Weather conditions, no matter how intense, are also unable to adversely affect the roof.

A silicone roofing system can keep its integrity during powerful storms like hurricanes and through heavy rains. This is because the silicone roofing is completely waterproof. Along with the weather, another threat to most conventional roofs is the sun. 

Fort Lauderdale silicone roofing systems are resistant to water and ultraviolet rays. Unlike traditional roofing systems, silicone roofs do not break down when they are exposed to ultraviolet light or ozone.

This is extremely important if you want to save money on future roof maintenance and repair as well as reduced energy costs. Silicone roofing is highly resilient and durable but it is also a convenient and eco-friendly commercial roofing choice. 

Convenience of Silicone Roofing Systems in Fort Lauderdale

Conventional roofing materials have certain limitations that can make them difficult to work with and inconvenient in the long term. Everyone has driven or walked by a house or building undergoing a roof installation and smelled the awful scent of the materials.

Traditional roofing materials can be toxic and the smell during installation can be incredibly disruptive, especially if the building is a busy business. Our silicone roofing systems in Fort Lauderdale are non-toxic and you will not notice any odor.

The silicone coating is also designed to have a low interaction with other chemicals that could alter or damage the roofing. Despite the countless benefits that a silicone roof provides, this roofing system is surprisingly cost-effective.

These benefits and more make silicone roof coating systems the best choice for a commercial roof installation that remains intact for years to come. 

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Silicone Roofing Systems Fort Lauderdale

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