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Understanding Silicone Roof Repair

There are plenty of valid reasons to consider investing in silicone roof repair that can benefit your commercial properties. However, while silicone roof coating systems have become more popular, not everyone is familiar with them.

White silicone roof coating systems are widely used thanks to their beneficial properties that include energy-saving costs, environmentally friendly materials, and water repellant characteristics. 

A solar roof repair can actually help commercial property owners save money on their energy bills month after month. Learn more about these impressive commercial roofing systems below or simply contact Polo International to speak with a commercial roofing expert directly.

Understanding Silicone Roof Repair

A silicone roof coating system consists of a blend of binders that include pigments and additives. There are actually many types of white coating systems available. Generally, they are classified based on the type of binder being used.

Most roof coatings have water-repelling properties and are installed as a thin coating over the surface materials that make up the roof. White roof coating systems are used across a diverse variety of applications, as well.

One of the main reasons silicone roofs are becoming more widely used is because they can be added to nearly any type of material. This means that they can be found and installed on properties of all kinds and sizes.

Maintaining A Silicone Roofing Systems

Once the white roof coating is installed, routine maintenance and cleaning will be fairly simple yet crucial. The white coating needs to remain white to remain reflective of harmful UV rays. Dirt, dust, and debris should be regularly cleared every few years.

Properly maintaining your silicone roof will ensure maximum efficiency and maximize the returns on your investment. The more it reflects UV rays, the cooler the building will remain, and the less the air conditioning will need to be run.

Speak With A Commercial Roofing Company Directly

Polo International is proud to be considered a leader in commercial roof coating systems. We have applied both silicone coating and SPF coating systems to countless properties all over the country.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Polo International has used our high-quality materials and commitment to customer excellence to truly set ourselves apart for decades. If you’re looking for a cost-effective commercial roofing solution, we’ve got your back.

To learn more or to get a free quote for silicone roof repair, please contact Polo International or call 866-975-2867 for assistance.

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Silicone Roof Repair

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