Best Roofing Product by Polo Int

Best Roofing Product

Best Roofing Product by Polo Int

If you’re here, it’s because you are wondering what the best roofing product available on today’s market might be, and who carries and installs it. At Polo international, we believe the answer to that is silicone Roofing. Silicone is incredibly durable and long-lasting, in fact, that’s a really big part of why we think it is the best roofing product. Polo Internation is the leading installer of silicone roofing nationwide. Our headquarters is located in South Florida, also known as the Sunshine State. However, we are a fully nationwide organization. Polo International is proud to have accomplished installing over 50 million square feet of silicone roofing across the entire United States. If it wasn’t for carrying the best roofing product available, we would never achieve the level of business we have today. We wanted to take some time to explain why this roofing product is so great, and what the benefit of having it installed at your property are.

Silicone is a lab made compound that carries consistencies and texture from both rubber and plastic- making it very useful and durable. In order to make silicone, various polymers are mixed with Silicon, which is similar in name but is the periodic element that helps compose silicone. The process we use to apply the silicone roofing is called Silicone Single Ply- or SSP for short. This is because the compound only needs a single layer of the application to function. The process entails pumping the needed chemical components through a pressurized hose, which also acts a heater for the chemical mixture. This mixes the compound and then sprays a single layer across the roof.

Why is silicone the Best Roofing product?

  • Upfront Cost – Compared to other roofing Products, SSP is relatively inexpensive. You also won’t have to invest in heavy roof cleaning to prepare for the installation, as SSP can be installed in a variety of conditions, and temperatures.
  • Continued Savings – silicone roofing lowers energy bills on average by 20/30% simply by keeping the building cooler. Additionally, silicone roofing is almost always 100% tax-deductible- though you will need to contact your local tax professional to make sure.
  • Warranty – We have 15 and 20-year manufacturers warranties available
  • Eco-Friendly – SSP process results in an environmentally friendly teardown and disposal.
  • Incredibly durable – a large single seal that will protect and insulate for years to come.

It’s easy to see why SSP  is such an incredible roofing option. However, the products themself are half of the equation, the other half is the contractor who does the work. Polo International has a tried and true national reputation for the quality of the product, installation, and service. Trust the professionals who know the prodcut and process inside and out. For more information, talk to one of our friendly staff today by calling: 866-975-2867.


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