Silicone Commercial Roofing Contractor

Silicone Commercial Roofing Contractor

When it comes to finding a silicone commercial roofing contractor, why not go with the absolute best? Your roof is a vital part of keeping your business comfortable and safe for both your employees and customers. Polo International Inc is the nation’s largest silicone roofing contractor with thousands of installs and many years of experience under our belt. Keep reading for an overview of the benefits of silicone roofing from Polo International Inc. 

Protect Your Roofing Investment

Anyone who has had to replace a roof knows that it can be an astronomical cost. The trouble is, when it comes to roof maintenance, many people can quickly slip into an out of sight, out of mind mentality. One of the best things you can do to protect your new or newly repaired roof is to quickly have a silicone coating applied. You can think of a silicone roof coating like the amber that preserves a fossil. The silicone preserves the pristine conditions of your roof for much longer than if it was exposed to the elements. The smooth surface of the silicone also makes for a much smoother clean-up when maintenance time does roll around. 

Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Even if your roof has seen its fair share of years, silicone roofing can still be a benefit. Many business owners find themselves in a situation where they do not need a completely new roof, but improvements definitely need to be made. A silicone commercial roofing contractor can be a life-saver in this instance. The liquid silicone coating used will seal cracks and minor blemishes. This allows you to extend the time in between roof overhauls significantly which will, of course, save you money. 


Spend Less Money and Make Your Property Safer

In addition to reduced maintenance and repair costs, the white surface of a silicone-coated roof can be a benefit in and of itself. Because it is much lighter in hue than most other roofing materials, silicone does not absorb as much heat. This reduces the stress put on your HVAC system. A Polo International silicone roof is 60 degrees cooler than traditional roofs on average! This makes your property far more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly while also saving you big bucks! Silicone coatings also improve the durability of your roof. This has the trickle-down effect of making your property much safer. Silicone is both fire and mildew resistant, adding an extra layer of protection against these devastating elements.   


Polo International Inc- Roofing and Industrial Coating

With 5 star reviews from behemoth clients like Florida Power & Light and Verizon, its no wonder that Polo International is America’s most trusted roofing expert.  Our team has covered over 50 million square feet of roof, so we have both knowledge and field-tested experience on our side. We also are a leading provider of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems. No matter your roofing needs, Polo International has the expertise to evaluate and advise you on the best roofing solution for your property. Take a look at our portfolio of roofing work or contact us today!

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Silicone Commercial Roofing Contractor