What Is Silicone White Roof Coating?

Silicone White Roof Coating

Are you interested in silicone white roof coating but are unsure if it is right for your commercial property? Commercial silicone roofing systems are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their many advantages. There are still many property owners however that are not familiar with this innovative roofing system. 

White roof coating that includes silicone is capable of providing year-round protection from the elements. Best of all, they offer incredible energy savings for commercial buildings, residences, and businesses. A silicone roof coating is made of a binding blend that includes additives and pigments. 

Continue reading to learn more about why more people are choosing silicone coating roofing systems for their property. If you are interested in receiving a free estimate for silicone roof coating system installation for your property, please contact Polo Int. today. 

Silicone Binders

Roof coating systems are usually distinguished by the type of binder that is used and will use either organic compounds or silicone. The binders can be characterized as elastic with flexible properties. These properties help the coating to stretch and contract. Within the silicone roof coating material, there are bonding agents that connect to the surface. 

The most common white roof coating types are vinyl, urethane, and of course, silicone. The characteristic white color of the coating comes from the combination of zinc oxide and titanium. Although the color white is chosen for its energy-saving properties, there are other color options available. 

Silicone white roof coating not only has energy-saving properties but it also has water-repellent qualities. The thin silicone roof coating is applied to the surface of the pre-existing roof. Silicone roof coating in particular, has been used in a variety of settings and applications. This is possible because the roofing system can be applied to virtually any surface material. 

Maintaining The Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coating systems are popular for many reasons. One of the major advantages of applying silicone roof coating is that it is generally easy to maintain. It is still important to remember that some routine cleaning and maintenance is required. White coating like silicone is applied to both dry and wet surface areas. 

It is common for dirt, dust, debris, and other environmental elements to land on the roof surface. If they are not removed, these elements will accumulate. This is especially true during and after heavy storms or winds. If they are not removed and accumulate they can cause structural problems and discoloration on the white silicone roof coating. 

Routine maintenance and cleaning every few years will also ensure the reflective properties of the roofing system does not become degraded and lose its energy-saving effectiveness. Cleaning and maintenance can be performed by the owner or by a professional roofing company

Free Silicone White Roof Coating Estimate

If you are interested in learning more or would like to receive a free estimate for silicone commercial roofing systems, Polo International can help. Our roofing systems experts can help determine if white silicone roof coating would be best for your business or commercial property. Please contact us today or call us directly at 866-975-2867 for assistance.

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