Silicone based roofing

Silicone-based roofing with Polo International!

We are the #1 Roofer providing service for the installation of silicone-based roofing in the United States, we are Polo International!

. Though we are based out of the Sunshine State, we work all over the country installing our roofing products to meet the needs and demands of today’s world. We are known to our customers as the guys who not only install their roofing at a great price but with our silicone single Ply and Sprayed Polyurethane Foam products, continue to save them money over the next several years. This and the fact that we have installed well over Fifty Million Square feet of commercial roofing across the nation is evidence our customers love what we have to offer! Read on t0 learn more about these amazing roofing options, and why people keep choosing Polo Internationa as their roofing contractor!

First, let’s talk about SPF or Sprayed Polyurethane Foam roofing! SPF roofing is a bit less popular than our primary product- but not because it isn’t just as amazing, only due to the fact it has a more specified use or purpose. SPF takes a bit more cleaning and detailing of the applying surface to bond than SSP, and requires a dry ready to go environment. However, SPF roofing is lab tested to hold on during hurricane-force winds. This makes it the optimal choice for roofing in areas exposed to weather disasters like hurricanes and tornados.

Silicone Single-ply, or SSP, on the other hand, is not quite as durable in the sense of holding up to a power super-storm but is our most popular roofing choice for many great reasons. First, its environmentally friendly during teardowns, and is cost-effective. The roof it’s applied to doesn’t have to be detailed to the extreme, or have every ounce of moisture removed before application. IT only requires a single layer of spray, and because silicone has both the properties of rubber and plastic, seals and bonds strong and fast!

Both of these amazing roofing compounds will continue to save you money beyond their cost-effectiveness at install. They both act to reflect the intense UV rays from the sun, particularly during the summer months. This keeps your location from having to work against the uns excess heat, which 9in turns allows the AC to rest more often drastically reducing your power bills!

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