Silicone Roofing Compound – SSP

Silicone Roofing Compound

Silicone Roofing Compound – SSP

Polo International is highly regarded as the number one commercial roofing contractor in America, due mostly to our incredible silicone roofing compound we use in the vast majority of our jobs. The reason we know we’re number one isn’t just due to the amazing science behind our silicone roofing compound, but the sheer volume of work we’ve done and continue to do with it. In fact, Polo International is responsible for installing well over Fifty million square feet of roofing across the continental united states. No other roofing company using a similar compound as exceeded this and we are happy to continue proving ourselves with the quality of our work to the many property owners of the USA. So, why choose a silicone roofing compound over any other roofing material, and why choose polo international? Read on to learn more about this amazing product, and why we’re the ones to call to install!

Silicone is a chemical compound made up of combining the periodic element silicon, with various oxygen and polymer molecules to create a wholly new substance called silicone. Silicone is an incredibly versatile substance because it has many of the useful properties of both rubber and plastic. Like plastic, its solid, and cohesive once hardened, but like rubber its malleable and squeezes in-between crevices to create great seals.

Our process of applying silicone roofing compound to your roof is known as Silicone single Ply, or SSP for short. This process is named this way because it only takes a single layer or coating of the product in order to create a sufficient bond and finish the roofing. This great because the volume of products used on site is kept to the minimum, reducing installation costs to us, and therefore passed down to you. SSP is amazing because unlike other roofing options, it can be applied in a variety of levels of heat and moisture, and doesn’t require a specific level of deep cleaning either. Its also far more environmentally friendly than other compounds during teardown or removal. Additionally, SSP will save you tons on electric bills as the thermal heat reduction properties it has by reflecting sunlight will cause your location to be naturally cooler, needing far less use of the Air conditioning.

For more info on SSP, or our other roofing process SPF, call Polo International roofing today.

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