SSP and SPF Compounds

SSP and SPF Compounds

We are Polo international, a proud installer of  SSP and SPF Compounds for roofing across the USA. We’ve knocked out 50 million Square Feet so far and counting!

What are SSP and SPF roofing compounds? Well, they are specialized chemicals designed for professional roofing contractors like Polo international to use in the process of protecting your roof. Each of these compounds offers unique and incredibly awesome features which make them good in various circumstances. It’s important to ensure that you have a professional roofing contractor apply roofing compounds to your roof to keep your property in good shape. Well, break down each of these and explain why they’re so awesome, and why you should choose Polo international!


SSP is short for Silicone Single Ply. Silicone is a chemical compound that is a lab-made combination of the element silicon, combined with various polymers. This is our most commonly used and well-rounded compound for roofing. Its extremely durable, strong, malleable, pliable and can be installed with ease. While we always recommend you keep your roof cleaned prior to a roofing installation, we can safely say that a bit of imperfection won’t affect or mess up the installation of SSP roofing compounds. ITs also very simple to install, needing only one layer of product to form a perfectly good strneghtned bond! Hence ists name- Silicone Single Ply! Hfre are some features of this compound:

  • Easy Install
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Energy Saving Insulation

SPF, also known as sprayed polyurethane foam, is a combination of two different materials- polyol and isocyanate. We utilize a heated spray-mixer to combine these ingredients at their proper temperatures, ratios, and consistencies in order to achieve the SPF blend we use to protect your roof from the elements. These chemicals get moved through a proportion measuring pump system and are fed into a heater. At this point, the two heated chemicals are mixed at the appropriate ratio and then channeled into a spray gun attached to the pumping system. This kind of roofing must be applied to a clean, dry surface because of the nature of these compounds. Unlike its SSP counterpart, which requires less stringent installation criteria. However, SPF is capable of maintaining structural integrity even under the massive assault of hurricane-force winds. This makes SPF ideal for protecting your roof if your location exists in an area prone to harsh weather. Here’s a few more facts about SPF:

  • Self Flashing
  • Easily repaired and maintained
  • Insulating
  • Energy Saving

    When looking into roofing opyions, call the professional team at Polo International!





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