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Storm Resistant Roofing

Polo international’s storm resistant Roofing compound is SPF, also known more commonly as sprayed Polyurethane Foam. Weathered roofing products are supplied and completed by Polo International, a nationwide provider and participant in weather-resistant roofing products. We have supplied and completed over 50 million square feet of our products throughout the United States, as our products are trusted and tested repeatedly.

Some cool Things to know about SPF Roofing

  • Resistant to wind-Force up to 200 MPH
  • Seamless sealing
  • Energy bill reduction of up to 40%
  • Renewable 20 year warranty available

We also install Silicone roofing products, but today we wanted to explain how Foam Roofing, or SPF, can help you protect your property against the harsh and damaging winds and rain of extreme weather such as hurricanes.

Foam Roofing has been a favorite roofing material since it was first introduced in the roofing industry. Now, however, it has been discovered that this amazing product can withstand the intensity of hurricanes. The most important, and therefore most difficult test for any roofing material is severe weather. A considerable number of recent Us hurricanes have proven that SPF is a reliable roofing material that can withstand the tremendous forces these storms produce better than any other material available today.

Hurricanes are very dangerous forces of nature with extremely powerful winds that are prone to blow-offs and other large problems. Foam roofing is able to resist such powerful winds because of its spray-applied process and of course because of SPF’s strong adhesion. Because of its fasteners or weak grip points, it is less reliant on architectural integrity to keep itself intact. SPF does not require fasteners or weak grip points like edges or joints, which makes it less dependent on architectural integrity for its preservation. It is also water-resistant, which prevents moisture from getting into or beneath the SPF roofing. According to tests, SPF’s uplift resistance exceeds the capacity of the test equipment at Factory Mutual and underwriters laboratories for concrete decks.

Polo international’s weather-resistant roofing compound is SPF, or sprayed Polyurethane Foam. To receive a quote or more information, call today. Our SPF solution is distinctive because it has been tested against hurricanes in order to provide superior hurricane protection. For more information on how you can protect your property with foam roofing, or for information on other roofing products, contact Polo International today. Let us protect your roof, lower your bill, and improve your locations internal climate control!

Polo International – 50 million Square Feet and counting!
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