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Silicone Roofing Pros

Polo International are the Silicone Roofing Pros! Located in South Florida, but proudly serving the whole USA call today! We love what we do and  hope you’ll give us a chance to protect your locations roof to the best it can be!

Polo International takes immense pride in being the top-rated dealer and installer of Silicone Single Ply Roofing, also known as Silicone Roof Agent, across the country. With a whopping 50,000,000 Square Feet already installed, our unique compound and installation process is unmatched by any other roofing company. We are committed to delivering the highest quality work to property owners all over the USA. If you are in search of the best roofing options available today, then you have come to the right place. So what even is Single Ply Roofing is and why is it the most advanced and cost-effective solution in the roofing industry? Keep reading to learn more!

We selected silicone as the primary compound for our silicone single ply roofing process because of its unique structural properties. After curing, it behaves in ways similar to both rubber and plastic, which makes it useful for filling and sealing tight spaces. Additionally, it is hard and not porous, providing stability. The compound is created by chemically combining silicon and polymers to yield what is known as silicone. By using this compound in our roofing process, we can offer unparalleled protection for your property. As previously mentioned, the process we use for roofing is known as ‘silicone single ply roofing.’ This method involves the application of a single layer or coating of the product to create a strong bond and complete the roofing. By using less product, we are able to keep our costs low and offer more affordable prices to our clients. What’s impressive about this method is that it can be applied in various levels of heat and moisture, without the need for deep cleaning. Moreover, it is an environmentally-friendly option during teardown or removal.

Another advantage of SSP is its ability to reduce thermal heat, resulting in a cooler environment and lower electric bills. Silicone Single Ply isn’t our only roofing compound either. We also carry SPF, or Sprayed polyurethane Foam roofing. This type of roofing is built for a different purposes. While it does provide many of the same benefits as SSP, it lacks in others, and has additional strengths SSP does not have. For example, SSP is better for mitigating heat in the summer months, and maintaining your buildings internal temperature via proper insulation, as well as fighting damage from UV./ SPF offers this to some degree,, but where it really shine sis in weather protection/ SPF roofing can withstand hurricane force winds officering a greater level of direct protection than SSP does in dangerous or heavy weather. For more info on SSP, or our other roofing process SPF, call Polo International roofing today.

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