SPF roofing for 2022 with Polo Int

SSP and SPF; Silicone Roof Restoration & Spray Polyurethane Foam; SPF roofing for 2022

SPF roofing for 2022 with Polo Int

If your home or business exists in a location or region prone to inclement weather such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, or tornados you’ll want to look into our SPF roofing for 2022. SPF roofing is an amazing product that’s been shown by testing in both the lab and the field to handle these sorts of situations. Since the new year is right aroudn the corner, you might be considering new roofing anyhow. Read on to learn more about why you should choose Polo Internationals SPF roofing for 2022, but first, a bit about who we are.

Polo International is a nationally recognized supplier and contractor for Roofing products. Our most popular roofing product is actually not SPF, but SSP- Silicone Single Ply. While SSP is far more versatile as far as installation goes, there are specific weather-resistant qualities that make SPF roofing for 2022 an equally viable choice- especially if your area is prone to disastrous weather, or high wind speeds.

Many people and business owners have already been using foam roofing products of various types, but aren’t aware of Polos SPF roofing and why it’s so amazing. Our SPF roofing product has been shown to withstand the forceful winds of hurricanes. For those in areas like Florida, or the coasts, or where. Many recent Us hurricanes have shown that SPF is a tried and tested roofing material capable of withstanding the awesome forces produced by these storms better than any other roofing product available today.

Why use SPF roofing for 2022?

SPF possesses an extremely high resistance to hurricane-force winds that would normally cause uplift and blow-offs. Due to its spray-applied process and because of its strong adhesion, SPF weather-resistant roofing is able to withstand much more high-impact wind and resist this force compared to other roofing products. Unlike other products, there’s no need to use fasteners or secure the SPF to any kind of ledge or corner. With its water-resistant properties, you won’t have to worry about moisture getting under the SPF or causing issues like bubbling.  Additionally, SPF is resistant to progressive peeling failure. Lab tests actually proved that SPF’s uplift resistance exceeds the capacity of the test equipment at both Factory Mutual and underwriters laboratories over concrete decks. Here are some interesting factoids about SPF:

  • Can  withstand winds-force speeds over  200mph
  • One complete, seamless seal
  • Reduce energy bills by up to 40% per month
  • 20-year renewable warranties

For more information on how you can have your property protected by SPF roofing for 2021, or for information on our other roofing products Call Polo International today. That number is 866-975-2867

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