Sprayed Polyurethane Roofing

Sprayed Polyurethane Roofing

Sprayed Polyurethane Roofing (SPF Roofing)

Polo International offers many roofing options including our weather-resistant Sprayed Polyurethane Roofing, aka SPF Roofing. So why is our Sprayed Polyurethane Roofing called SPF?  SPF stands for sprayed polyurethane foam. What makes this incredible options o powerful for a roofing agent? Polo International, an installer of over 5 million square feet of roofing nationally will explain why SPF is such a great option! First who are we?

Polo International Roofing is number one in the USA! More than Fifty Million square feet of our roofing products are currently installed across the USA, and every day we grow that number even more. Our primary roofing product we install most often is not the polyurethane roofing or SPF option we want to tell you about today. Most of our clients opt for our SSP, or silicone single-ply roofing. Though the best well-rounded choice, for those with more specific needs like dealing with inclement weather, SPF tends to actually be the preferred option. Read on to learn more about Polyurethane Roofing aka SPF by Polo:

So what is SPF roofing, and why is it so great?

Our most commonly used product is actually Silicone Single Ply because it tends to be a more universal option for those with less specific needs. However, know that foam roofing products like SPF have also been well known and used on the market before. However not every foam product is the same, and what’s more, is Polo’s SPF offers weather resistance like no other. Recent tests have shown that SPF can actually withstand the wind force of hurricanes, making it a prime option for those in those areas.  Our SPF has stood up during some of the more recent US hurricanes. This showed that not just in the lab, but in the field SPF is a tried and tested roofing material capable of withstanding the awesome forces produced by these storms better than any other roofing product available today.

SPF is incredibly resistant to wind force and blow-offs. This superior weather-resistant roofing is able to withstand much more high-impact wind and resist this force due to its spray-applied process and of course because of SPF’s strong adhesion. SPF also does not need fasteners or weak grip points like joints or edges, making it less reliant on specific architecture integrity to maintain its own integrity. Foam roofing is also water-resistant- this prevents moisture from seeping into, or underneath the SPF roofing. Additionally, SPF is resistant to progressive peeling failure. Lab tests actually proved that SPF’s uplift resistance exceeds the capacity of the test equipment at both Factory Mutual and underwriters laboratories over concrete decks. Here are some interesting factoids about SPF:

  • Can  withstand winds-force speeds over  200mph
  • One complete, seamless seal
  • Reduce energy bills by up to 40% per month
  • 20-year renewable warranties

For more information on how you can have your property protected by polyurethane roofing, or for information on our other roofing products Call Polo International today. That number is 866-975-2867

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