Silicone Roof Contractor

Silicone Roof Contractor

You know what the sun does to your skin in Florida right? Now imagine that same sun beating down on your business’s skin, otherwise known as a roof, all day . . . every day! You’ve got a choice because now, you can leave your roof untreated getting blasted by 100° plus temperatures or you […]

Weather Resistant Roofing – SPF 

Weather Resistant Roofing

Weather Resistant Roofing – SPF Polo International is pleased to carry and install tested weather-resistant Roofing, more specifically Sprayed Polyurethane Foam. SPF roofing is an incredible, and field-proven way to protect roofs and walls against weather and natural disasters- particularly hurricanes. This is in part due to SPF’s extremely high resistance to forceful wind uplift […]

Roof Protection Products by Polo Int

Roof Protection Products

Roof Protection Products by Polo International Polo International is the number one national dealer, and installer of the highest quality Roof Protection Products in the continental united states. We’re proud to point out that we have successfully installed well over Fifty Million (50,000,000) Square Feet of Roof Protection Products across the nation. We know there […]

National Commercial Roofing Contractor

National Commercial Roofing Contractor

National Commercial Roofing Contractor Polo International is the number one National Commercial Roofing Contractor in the entire USA. We are located in sunny South Florida, but even though we have our home in the great sunshine state, we deal with clients all over the 48 contiguous United States. In fact, over Fifty Million square feet […]

Roofing Contractor – Polo International

Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor – Polo International Though Polo international is based out of sunny South Florida, we carry a reputation for being the number one, nationwide commercial roofing contractor! This is evident in the fact that we have proudly installed over 50 million square feet of commercial roofing material, all over the continental United States. There’s […]

Why Use Silicone Roofing by Polo Int

Why Use Silicone Roofing?

Why Use Silicone Roofing by Polo Int If you’re here, you likely found his article because you have been wondering “Why Use Silicone Roofing?” There are many reasons to consider this highly durable, and wonderful product for your roofing needs. Polo Internation is the leading installer of silicone roofing nationwide. Though based out of south […]

Commercial Roofing Systems For Commercial Properties

Commercial Roofing Systems

Are you considering commercial roofing systems but unsure of how to choose? Commercial roofs are designed to last for decades and offer many benefits. If the commercial property’s existing roof must be replaced, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account. Although the cost of the roofing installation is an important factor, […]

Best Roofing Fort Lauderdale – 2 Types of Roof Coating Systems

Best Roofing Fort Lauderdale

If you’re looking for the best roofing in Fort Lauderdale and have a commercial property, chances are you want a commercial roofing system built to last. Commercial roofing systems should be resilient and be capable of withstanding the harsh elements well-known to plague Florida property owners. The tropical sun can cause commercial buildings to expend […]

Understanding Silicone Commercial Roofing Systems in Fort Lauderdale

Roofing Companies in South Florida

Silicone commercial roofing systems in Fort Lauderdale and beyond are becoming widely recognized as the most popular solution for any number of reasons. However, not everyone is familiar with silicone roof coating systems, leaving many to wonder whether or not they are essential.  Roof coating, including white coating, is used to provide energy-efficient protection on […]

Steven Chu Pushes White Roofs In Fight Against Climate Change


Since being appointed as the Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu has been talking all about the benefits of white roofs. Now he’s going to put his own department where his mouth is by mandating that all new roofs on Energy Department buildings be either white or reflective.