Protect Your Roof with Polo Int!

Protect Your Roof

Protect Your Roof with Polo Int! It’s a new year and it’s time to look into the best way to Protect Your Roof with Polo International! There are so many options out there, and so many competing roofing contractors today! With that in mind, how would you know who the best roofing contractor is, or […]

Best Roofing Contractor Criteria

Best Roofing Contractor

Best Roofing Contractor Criteria If your reading this article, likely you’re trying to find the best roofing contractor available to perform the job for your Roofing Needs. Polo International is the largest installer of Roofing products- nationwide. We’ve installed over 50 million SQ feet of roofing, and going! There are some criteria you’re going to […]

Best Roofing Product by Polo Int

Best Roofing Product

Best Roofing Product by Polo Int If you’re here, it’s because you are wondering what the best roofing product available on today’s market might be, and who carries and installs it. At Polo international, we believe the answer to that is silicone Roofing. Silicone is incredibly durable and long-lasting, in fact, that’s a really big […]

Silicone Roof Contractor

Silicone Roof Contractor

You know what the sun does to your skin in Florida right? Now imagine that same sun beating down on your business’s skin, otherwise known as a roof, all day . . . every day! You’ve got a choice because now, you can leave your roof untreated getting blasted by 100° plus temperatures or you […]

Weather Resistant Roofing – SPF 

Weather Resistant Roofing

Weather Resistant Roofing – SPF Polo International is pleased to carry and install tested weather-resistant Roofing, more specifically Sprayed Polyurethane Foam. SPF roofing is an incredible, and field-proven way to protect roofs and walls against weather and natural disasters- particularly hurricanes. This is in part due to SPF’s extremely high resistance to forceful wind uplift […]

Roof Protection Products by Polo Int

Roof Protection Products

Roof Protection Products by Polo International Polo International is the number one national dealer, and installer of the highest quality Roof Protection Products in the continental united states. We’re proud to point out that we have successfully installed well over Fifty Million (50,000,000) Square Feet of Roof Protection Products across the nation. We know there […]

National Commercial Roofing Contractor

National Commercial Roofing Contractor

National Commercial Roofing Contractor Polo International is the number one National Commercial Roofing Contractor in the entire USA. We are located in sunny South Florida, but even though we have our home in the great sunshine state, we deal with clients all over the 48 contiguous United States. In fact, over Fifty Million square feet […]

Roof Protection Products by Polo

roof protection

Roof Protection Products by Polo As the number one contractor for roof protection products in the USA, polo international prides ourselves on the compounds we sell and install as being the best in the business. We know we’re number one because we have sold and installed well over fifty million square feet of roof protection […]

Silicone Single Ply and SPF Roofing

Benefits of silicone

Silicone Single Ply and SPF Roofing Polo international is by a wide margin the number one installer and distributor of Silicone single Ply roofing in the entire continental United States. Though we are based out of the Sunshine State, we work all over the country installing our roofing products to meet the needs and demands […]

About Silicone Spray Roofing

Silicone Spray Roofing

Roof coatings, including silicone spray roofing systems, are used to protect roofs from the elements. There are two reasons to invest in a silicone roof coating system, including protection to help the roof last longer and lowering energy costs due to the reflective properties.  Roof coatings are generally water-based and described as a liquid carrier. […]