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A Sustainable, Cost-efficient Alternative for commercial flat roofs.

What is a silicone roof coating system? The most effective manner for protecting commercial and flat roofs from deterioration and damage. A silicone roof coating system is essentially done by applying a fluid by spraying the silicone roof coating material directly onto a pre-existing commercial roof. Property managers and owners of commercial buildings have found over time that a silicone roof coating system is by far the most effective and affordable commercial roofing solution for protecting your roof’s integrity.

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Ultrabond* recoat project on 535,000 square foot roof – PVC single-ply membrane mechanically fastened on 1-inch ISO with BUR and steel deck beneath

Ultrabond* recoat resulted in 68% savings over roof tear-off.

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    A High-performance Roof Coating

    The silicone roof coating system employs a single layer of silicone roof coating material that is generally sprayed on but can be rolled on for smaller applications. Once applied in liquid form is quickly hardens to form one monolithic seal for any areas that have had the silicone roofing material applied.

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    Save Time & Money

    Installing the silicone roof coating system is clear-cut and not complicated but it does require a professional commercial roofing contractor. It is best to use a commercial roofing contractor who has been approved by the manufacturer of the silicone roof coating system. All commercial roofs must undergo an inspection and cleaning before the silicone roof coating system is applied. In rare instances, your commercial roof might be required to undergo an infrared inspection.


    This is mainly done if there are visible areas of concern and the infrared inspection will detect areas of excess saturation in the roofing membrane. If any problems areas or water saturation are detected then you must remove and replace the damaged areas. Then pressure washing is done to remove any excess debris and contaminants to ensure a solid application of the silicone roof coating system. Some silicone roof coating systems require a primer layer first, then the seams of the membrane will be reinforced. After this is done the silicone roofing material is applied and then the final inspection.

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    The installation procedure for installing a silicone roof coating system is pretty straightforward.

    The last part of the silicone roof coating system is the final inspection. Usually, this is done by a silicone roof coating system manufacturers representative or even a third party to verify that any commercial roof repairs were done accordingly and that the silicone roofing material was applied by strictly adhering to the manufacturer specifications. After the commercial roof repairs and silicone roof coating system are finally approved a warranty will then be issued by the silicone roofing material manufacturer.

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    Ultrabond* recoat on 63,786 square foot standing seam metal roof.

    What is a silicone Roof Coating SystemWhat is a silicone Roof Coating System

    Customer received a significant rebate through local utility as result of Ultrabond*

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    Extends The Life Of A Roof

    Commercial Silicone Roofing Contractors – Polo International Roofing and Industrial Coating are widely regarded as the leader for all silicone roofing projects.

    In fact, they are the largest installer of Commercial Silicone Roofing in the United States. A common problem that commercial property owners and managers must deal with is what to do when their roof warranty is near or at the end of its lifespan. Even if there are no visible signs of roof deterioration you should consider applying another silicone roof coating system and this will extend your warranty out according to manufacturer specifications. This is much more cost-effective than just replacing the whole roof structure.

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    • Solvent and petroleum-free
    • Can contribute up to 7 LEED points; rated by Cool Roof Rating Council
    • No ponding water issues
    • Less dirt pickup than conventional silicones
    • Durable, color stable, chalk- and chemical-resistant
    • Up to 20-year product warranty

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    • Sprayed and polyurethane foam
    • Cap Sheet
    • Metal
    • Torchdown
    • Concrete
    • Modified bitumen
    • Aged asphalt
    • Built-up
    • Composite
    • A variety of single-ply membranes
    • Aged EPDM

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    We’ve Passed The Tests

    At Polo International Roofing and Industrial Coating, we fully restore commercial roof systems to the original functionality. We offer massive savings compared to other commercial roofing techniques. At first glance, your commercial roof might appear to be functioning properly but you should consider consulting with a commercial roofing contractor and asking – What is a silicone roof coating system ? Installing a silicone roof coating system will easily extend the life of your commercial roof by many years.

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    No Ponding Water Issues | Check out some project videos

    Roof coatings made with acrylic, urethane or asphalt can soften under the stress of ponding water.

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    This can result in a coating that bubbles or peels away from the substrate; leaving a roof exposed to leaks and water intrusion. By comparison, silicone is an inert material that does not decompose – its unique chemistry creates a coating that will not degrade under ultraviolet rays or extreme weather conditions.

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    Get Your Roofing Project Started Today by contacting approved commercial roofing companies that specialize as Silicone Roofing Contractor !

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