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A Sustainable, Cost-efficient Alternative for commercial flat roofs.

At Polo International Roofing and Industrial Coating, we offer a silicone roof coating system that will protect and restore your commercial roof to its original condition. A silicone roof coating will save property owners money, time and the headaches that come with an improperly maintained roof. In this article we will answer – what is a silicone roof coating. Most people do not exactly understand how the silicone roof coating process works. We will tackle the nuts and bolts of a silicone roof coating and what the benefits are from it.

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Ultrabond* recoat project on 535,000 square foot roof – PVC single-ply membrane mechanically fastened on 1-inch ISO with BUR and steel deck beneath

Ultrabond* recoat resulted in 68% savings over roof tear-off.

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    The Exact Science Behind Your Silicone Roof Coatings

    Before we look deeper into the silicone roof coating process, it is crucial to know why we are so zealous about silicone roof coatings. The marketplace is flooded with many different types of liquid based roof coating systems but keep in mind that silicone is easily and widely regarded as the goto and most reliable choice. Silicone is generally the pricier option but there is a good reason for this higher price tag with durability and appearance being the chief reason. Silicone roof coatings have been engineered and highly developed over the decades for a better and more resilient product that protects from UV damage, moisture curing, non chalking and is eco friendly. To find out more about silicone roof coatings get in touch today and we can schedule a quote.

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    Silicone Roof Coating Installation

    A major benefit of a silicone roof coating system is that it can be done much faster than typical commercial roof restorations. Renewing your roof with this system is done by a spray application for commercial projects while smaller roof jobs and sections can be rolled on. Either way they both offer the same benefits when renewing your commercial roof system. Older commercial roofs have a variety of issues that wears them down – getting to hot, losing energy, leaking, puddling can all benefit from a silicone roof coating. The silicone roof coating installation begins with a thorough cleaning of the roof and then the application of the silicone product to the commercial roof’s surface. In some cases when the roof has challenging and problematic protrusions caulk and a polyester fabric can be utilized to strengthen your roof.


    Here at Polo International Roofing and Industrial Coating, we restore commercial roof systems to their original working order thus offering massive savings to the facility managers and owners saving them from costly roof repairs and complete replacements. Many commercial flat roof might appear to be in good shape at first glance but a deeper inspection with infrared might reveal other issues related to your commercial roof. Installation of a silicone membrane will extend the life of your commercial roof by many years.

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    What Does A Silicone Coating Do During Its Lifespan?

    Once the silicone roof coating has been installed most people do not know exactly what is provided and the benefits. Providing protection from the harsh elements of mother nature’s relentless grind is at the core. Creating a seamless waterproof coating that is reflective instead of absorptive will stop leaks and better resists ponding water. The reflective nature of a silicone roof coating keeps the surface of your commercial roof much cooler despite the UV rays 12 plus hours a day. This also causes you to use less energy to cool your building saving money on power and lowering your carbon footprint at the same time.

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    Ultrabond* recoat on 63,786 square foot standing seam metal roof.

    Customer received a significant rebate through local utility as result of Ultrabond*

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    What Can You Expect At The End Of The Silicone Coating’s Life?

    So what might happen after ten to fifteen years after the roof coating installation and or the warranty date? Does the original roof coating have to be removed and stripped to reapply?

    Absolutely not, at the end of the coatings life, you merely have to re-spray a new silicone coating onto the existing surface. It is straightforward with the reapplication with the exception of needing to prep and wash the roof before the application. Once this is done your warranty date will then be extended again.

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    The Final Conclusion

    This should have covered everything you might want to know before you think about protecting your commercial roof with a roof coating. We explained what makes them so great, how the installation process works, what are the main benefits provided during the roofs lifetime and what to do at the end of the original warranty. If you have any more questions please reach out to us and we can explain in more detail.

    Check out some videos of our recent projects.

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    What is a silicone roof coating?

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